Change at the top of Edun – Danielle Sherman is new head designer

The fashion label “Edun”, launched in 2005 by U2 singer Bono and his wife Ali Hewson, has blossomed quickly became a sought after producer absolutely in luxury fashion. Originally intended as an aid to self-help for the African textile industry, “Edun” is now one of thousands of fans – both critics as well as celebrities are absolutely thrilled with the imaginative creations that brought Sharon Wauchob for the label on the catwalk and in the shops.

Now there is a change at the top creative to: Danielle Sherman, previously worked for Alexander Wang, will assume the post of chief designer. The name Sherman is in the fashion scene so far a great unknown, mostly worked here for designers. In addition to Alexander Wang and the fashion label of the Olsen twins is one of the previous employers of Danielle Sherman.

Ali Hewson and Bono are convinced in any case full of their new addition – and also we want the newly minted chief designer all the best for their start at the fashion label, which would also bring a lot of charity in the world next to luxury!

Diane Prince Castle: Your little secret recipe

If you want to have success as a fashion designer, of course, you must be able to empathize with others. So it has Diane von Furstenberg made ​​at the beginning. She did not fashion design, which bears no man, but those that they would attract even if your plan worked. Your simple wrap dresses were famous.

When she first started, all designers had reached a point where only crazy creations were on the agenda. No one wanted to make simple things. She can take anything and that’s why they had success. Just at the moment when they went to America to become happy with her family.

Fashion Styling Tips: Business clothes and jewellery

With career and business, we usually associate pinstripe and dark colours. Characteristics were dominated by men and therefore are difficult to be applied to the essence of the woman. Nevertheless, we are still trying too often to subordinate ourselves to these male stereotypes, rather than create its own standard.

Pastel shades for the executive suite

Women in the business world have not always easy to find it a dress style for work, with which they can identify completely. The idea of a clear and expressive outfit for the office contradicts almost feminine shapes and colours. An offensive feminine appearance may therefore not be good for tough everyday business.

This is partly due to a distorted perception of assertiveness, must be justified on the other, with the restriction of certain virtues to the male sex. However, women have made their way for a long time at all levels of the business world. Now it is time also put their own fashion business stamp! A fashion that depends neither on the skirt length, yet on the heel height, special only by the ideas of the wearers.

Success in Tweed

Especially for the fall and winter colours such as brown, grey and dark blue although according to the season, but you should have aware of the effect of cut, colour and accessories. The waist of the jacket, the collar shape, the processing of seams and pockets or the line of the shoulders have a strong influence on the overall effect of an outfit and its silhouette.

They dissolve in finding business attire for women of androgynous requirements of the media. As long as they do not show too much skin you, the world is open: How about, for example with a suit in a light champagne tone to the already makes a plain white or purple blouse for a looker? In addition, a tweed suit in aubergine or cognac can give them plenty of room for accentuation and details, but also speaks to a clear language.

Jewellery – spring-summer 2013

The spring-summer 2013 fashion shows in many bright colours and gold jewellery to delicate fabrics and fits perfectly. Another advantage of this trend lies in the incorruptibility of gold. Who suitable for spring and summer 2013 new trend is buying gold jewellery, invested money in a rising value in the precious metal?

So gold jewellery not only perfect in a new fashion trend, but is also a good store of value, because the price of gold and hence gold jewellery is sure to rise in the coming years.

Nos systèmes à fibre sont capables de faire marquage sur pièces métalliques ainsi plastique – . On utiliser le marquage laser plastique.

Beautiful Costumes for men of various sizes can be ordered online.

Given that the Mediterranean is highly regarded for its sea life, it’s no surprise that millions have flocked to L’Aquarium de Barcelona over the years. And it’s popularity only continues to grow due to cheap flights to Barcelona. The aquarium is open every day of the year, starting at 10:00. Closing times fluctuate throughout the year, ranging from anywhere between 19:30 and 21:30.

A indústria busca materiais que proporcionem componentes cada vez mais leves, resistentes e compactos, de modo a facilitar o armazenamento, o transporte, a manutenção, e até o descarte desses itens. Sabendo o que é grafeno, dá para ter ideia de todo o potencial produtivo e revolucionário desse material. E acaba sendo muito interessante pensar que após tantos e tantos anos de produção de materiais baseados em plástico, silício, aço.
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